Friday, 5 February 2016

See who the cheapest hosted VoIP providers UK are

The first thing you would want to know about VoIP service is which are the cheapest hosted VoIP providers UK? You know that VoIP phone is cheap but do you know which plan would suit to your needs most? Just having VoIP phone isn’t enough as you should know how much you are paying and what services you are getting. Read More

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

How is cheap business sms service advantageous for businesses?

Text messaging is cheaper than voice calls as here you can type 160 character message and sent it at less than the charge of voice call. Also you can send a message to many receivers. It is called bulk messaging and it is cheaper than individual messaging. Bulk messaging service is called cheap business sms service.

Since it is businesses that need bulk messaging service more than individuals, the service is aimed for businesses but it doesn’t mean that individuals can’t take advantage of it. If you want to target a large number of people or people from a specific city or state, you can buy cheap business sms and flash the message. It is easy, quick and certain.

 When you send bulk messages, you use software for messaging. It is a platform that flashes text messages. Your job is to enter the message and include the targeted mobile phones. Once the settings are made, you can press the send button and allow the software to send messages. The platform will soon start sending messages one by one. With cheap business sms, you can communicate with millions of customers in a hassle free manner.

Advantage of SMS is that it establishes quick connection between sender and receiver. Also the receiver can reply to the message. It can be said that SMS opens a line of communication between sender and receiver. In this way, the sender can get confirmation from the receiver. With cheap business sms, businesses can take their communication to next level.